10 Best Card Games for Android

Becca Obregon


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While card games have been around for centuries, they started to really flourish when they no more needed printed cards. It’s okay to have a paper deck for games that use a conventional one and only one. But when it takes two or more same decks, it gets more complicated. And even more of that when it comes to collectible card games where decks can grow enormous. And even more when you play two or three collectible card games.

Luckily, we have smartphones, and smartphones have card games. Your complete decks can fit into one small device that looks similar to a card deck. And you don’t have to stick to one game while you can share your leisure between multiple, all on your device. So here are the classic card games on your Android tablets and smartphones you can enjoy.

Microsoft Solitaire

Microsoft Solitaire game screenshot

As we can’t avoid this one, let’s get done with it and proceed. Probably Microsoft Solitaire is the most played game ever on desktops, and now it’s on mobiles as well. In addition to the original Solitaire, it has Freecell, Spider, Pyramid, and Tripeaks. This would be a dream in the 1990s to have this set in your pocket. Now it’s Xbox-compatible, so you can sync your results to desktop versions. The ads, though, remind us that it’s 2020 now, and you can only turn them off for money. The original game didn’t have them.

Clash Royale

Clash Royale gae screenshot

If you have ever played Clash of Clans, one of the most popular mobile strategies, you will recognize the design of the cards in this game. It’s, in fact, a Hearthstone variation in the universe of Clans. The characters are familiar, and they share the same rock-paper-scissors ratio that they had in the original.

No wonder Clash Royale has one of the strongest player communities, and as well it contributes to the universe. It’s free to play, though you can purchase in-game coins and spend them on more cards. It even has its imitators like Castle Crush, and though they are decent too, they don’t have that original flavor.

Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens cards

Yes, it’s exactly what it says on the tin: it’s a card game with exploding kittens. It takes from two to five players, so the game is perfect for small parties. It takes one device in a hot seat mode. Players draw cards in addition to their own until one draws that very exploding kitten. Then the unlucky player can either admit the defeat or use a diffuse card, which saves them.

The game is paid; more than that, it offers extras for separate purchases. Still, these extras are rather expansions, so they provide more fun to all players, instead of advantage to one. If you’re into tabletop game parties, it’s your game. You can play against random players online as well.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

The Elder Scrolls: Legends game screenshot

Finally, it’s out on Android! And it’s as great there as it has always been on PC. It’s all made in fantasy style, so you’ll have to deal with fantastic creatures, supernatural powers, supporters and items. Combining them right brings you victory. To offer more space for strategy, the game has lanes, so you can play various cards and combinations simultaneously.

A classical collectible card game assumes that the better deck you collect for yourself, the better chances you have. And yes, The Elder Scrolls: Legends has this. But it also has an Arena mode, which suggests that the opponents choose cards from the same set and only have to try their luck and skill.


Hearthstone game logo

It’s another already classical title, based on the Warcraft universe. Now, as Warcraft 3 Reforged is out, Hearthstone draws more attention, but, in fact, it has never lacked it. The community of Hearthstone is just as large. As the game is meant for multiplayer only, the players gather online.

This one is a truly collectible card game, free, but offering in-game purchases, due to which you can collect yourself a good deck. As the number of cards in an active deck is limited, you can create multiple decks for various game styles.

Magic: The Gathering Puzzle Quest

Magic: The Gathering Puzzle Quest

The name is quite famous (and so it’s been before Android and even smartphones), but this take on the praised title is quite different from its printed version. Though preserving the key elements, like collectible cards, buildable decks, and PvP matches, the game also introduces some nuances common for mobile games. First of all, it’s Match 3 mechanics, and this changes the game completely, making it more comprehensible for casual players and fresher for hardcore fans.

As for cards, they are updated as often as the entire sets. It also lets you play in local multiplayer mode.

Pokemon TCG Online

Pokemon TCG Online screenshot

This game is just as different from its universe; but logically, Pokémon franchise has always been about collecting, so why not a TCG? The visuals of this game can remind of any other card game, except for familiar and even cult Pokémon on them. The game doesn’t require you to buy Nintendo consoles (like other Pokémon games) or roam the streets (like Pokémon GO). Just collect cards, form your deck, and challenge other Pokémon trainers. Yes, trading is also here.

Reigns trilogy

Reigns trilogy game screenshot

If you want something different from conventional card games, this is the option. Reigns is a king simulator with Tinder-like design. You are shown a card with a proposition to take some action; then you either accept it, swiping right, or decline by swiping left. The aim of the game is to prolongate your reign as long as you can.

It’s not truly a card game as one may suspect; cards are rather a form of visual representation for your options and choices. The first game is the most basic, so it’s recommended to figure the concept out. On the other hand, the second and especially the third one (using The Game of Thrones characters and situations) are more advanced and offer more fun for the same price.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links game screenshot

The story told in Yu-Gi-Oh! Seems very easy to gamify, and duels it describes seem just made for PvP online battles in the form of card games. The most popular representation of it is this game. If you have read the original manga or watched the anime, you’ll be familiar with characters, but if not, it’s no problem. It supports both PvP and single mode, against an AI. The collectible mechanic is present, so players familiar with any CCG will be at ease with it.

Zynga Poker

Zynga Poker game screenshot

To tell the truth, poker is its own universe, and Android poker apps deserve a separate review. But if we need one solitaire game, it’s Microsoft, and if we need a poker game on this list, it’s Zynga. The game is free to play, and you cannot place bets to win real money; yet you can purchase chips to raise the stakes and win more virtual cash. The only reason to prefer other poker games is real rewards; but it completely changes the psychology. And if you want an online poker room just for fun, the one by Zynga is a great option.

Never Enough Cards: The Conclusion

As any player would want more cards in the deck, so we would want to add more card games on this list. For example, we still wait for Gwent to appear on Android devices, and we’re even ready to toss a coin. And what card games would you add to this list? Do some namedropping in comments, and we’ll appreciate that.