The 5 Upcoming Games Showing the Trends of Gaming in 2020

Becca Obregon


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There have been game-changing tendencies lately that may see its resolution in 2020. The two of them supposed to cause the greatest effect are game streaming platforms (like Google Stadia) and 9th generation consoles that will hit the market and give a go to lots of projects awaiting. That will mean more cross-platform gaming, as well as more new projects trying to astonish players with graphical splendor, including (but not limited to) hardware ray tracing and larger open worlds.

The AAA titles for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are in excess on the waiting list. Some of them may also hit the previous generation consoles and probably become available to PC players via streaming platforms. 

The philosophy of gaming changed first of all due to technical requirements that unleashed and limited developers simultaneously. This combination led to the evolution from addictive time-killers (that washed out coins from Japanese economy in the late 1970s) to today’s state of the art. And it’s a unique art already: there has never been an art industry so interactive and open for anyone, in terms of creating both games and in-game videos, memes, gameplays and letsplays, making the player a creator too. In 2020, there’ll be more technical means that may open new horizons for us to explore.

Well, it was hard to name the five games that represent the tendencies the best. Still, we’ll try. For any of them, we’ll see the trend it represents, and the possible influence of it. But anyway, first it should be fun to play.

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 game screenshot

The first undoubted candidate is Cyberpunk 2077, a tabletop game gone video due to CD Projekt RED, the Polish studio responsible for reinventing RPG with The Witcher series. It’s even more massive than the famous The Witcher 3. In the futuristic neon-shining Night City in future America, you play a character of one of three classes, using skills and inclinations based on yet uninvented technologies. The narrative is branching, considering the decisions you make, and the adventure will require fighting, thinking, and learning.

This is an AAA project starring Keanu Reeves, and its world is much larger than the developer’s earlier projects. The studio has been working on it for four years, or even longer. The game is expected to be released on September 17, and the world is waiting.

What’s important: the game industry gets even more cinematic than ever. Whatever you’ve been looking for in movies, gaming has more of it. The only thing it lacks is shortness: there’s rarely a big game you’re through in just two hours or so.

Ghosts of Tsushima

Ghosts of Tsushima game screenshot

The project by Sucker Punch is a samurai action story, loosely based on true events. The story is set on Tsushima island invaded by Mongols in 1274. The island is completely captured, the Samurai army is nearly extinguished, but there is one man left. He’s determined to get revenge and do what his fellows had tried to.

Well, it seems something like a Die Hard story set on an entire island, that has always been easy to gamify. But what really impresses about this project is the attention to every detail of Japanese everyday life in the Kamakura period. The developers explored it well enough and with a sense of tact, meaning that some details would have to be skipped. 

The game demonstrates an even greater attention level to open world adventures, now getting mainstream. It’s also open to possible sequels, as there was another Mongol invasion seven years later in real history. But having a completely new title is great, as the rest three on our list are a spinoff, a sequel reboot, and a remake.

Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons game screenshot

Minecraft by Mojang/Microsoft is definitely one of the games that did the most to establish gaming as art. Evolving in its original form for the first decade of its existence, in 2020 it offers two spinoffs: Minecraft Earth we already have on our mobiles and Minecraft Dungeons that’s yet to be released.

Well, this is rather a simple MMORPG than a creative experience; dungeons to explore, enemies to slash, loot to collect, and stuff. Up to four players can team up to go through it. It’s hard to list everything this reminds of. But the meaning is quite different: Minecraft is establishing as a platform for game developing, as well as for collective creativity of players. Maybe, it’s a sort of LEGO movie for the gaming industry. And… finally, it doesn’t look rough, though its cubic design is preserved. It rather looks like the best of locations built by fans.

Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal game screenshot

The cinema industry knows everything about the sequel curse that concerns reboots and remakes as well. Strangely, the gaming world has seen more of the opposite: the sequel is often much better, and the threequel is even more. The aforementioned The Witcher series is an example; another one is ahead. As for reboots, it’s a bit more complicated, but DOOM by id Software has shown that even a classical title can be rebooted successfully.

What we have now is the sequel of the reboot. DOOM Eternal offers more of what we already had: the Doom Slayer fights more monsters and demons in strange locations, with more powerful and diverse weapons, producing one of the goriest pictures ever. In a way, it’s even harder now for the franchise, as the first games had almost no competition in the genre, and now there are entire genres competing. Still, the rebooted DOOM is better in any sense, except for maybe nostalgic flavor.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake game screenshot

And here is another example of how the seventh installment in the franchise is considered by most fans the best. Final Fantasy by Square Enix is one of the most acclaimed franchises, and now it gets its subsequent update. The seventh installment, released in 1997 for consoles and PCs of the time, is still praised for its story and characters, especially Cloud Strife, but its appearance has got hopelessly obsolete. It’s about time to remake it.

In fact, though, this is more than one game. The remake we’re about to witness is just a part of the story that takes place in Midgar; others are yet to come. Its trailers and gameplay teasers are one of the most impressive announces of 2020. So if you’re tired of that nostalgia for the good old times and the greener grass, here is another nail in its coffin, and another reason to see the future brighter and better than the present.

A Great Year to Play

What new game do you expect the most? We have skipped some of the titles really worth mentioning, like Halo Infinite, The Last of Us 2, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, or Half-Life: Alyx. As great as they appear, they have little to illustrate that the games listed don’t. If you think these or other titles should have been here, leave a comment.