Is Final Fantasy VII Remake Different From Original?

Becca Obregon


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If you read the news, you probably know that Final Fantasy VII will have many differences from the original. But how significant will they be? Let’s figure out if the game will stay true to its predecessor or change the whole thing. For that purpose, we used the already revealed footage of the opening Bombing Mission. It seems that the sequences of events in the original and remake are different. Let’s take a look at the iconic episode. 

The Opening Scene

At the very beginning of the mission, you will see a short cut-scene on which Cloud Strife and Barret Wallace meet the guards. Well, the concept of the scene in the original game and the remake is the same, but the graphics, of course, look incredibly well. Besides, Wallace now says a short line before he goes away. The combat scene is quite similar to the original, but we really missed the impressive sword-hiding animation. It made Cloud Strife even tougher after all! Another difference is that he can go to the next scene without the interruption of boring calculation of points, which is good. 

Strife Meets Others 

Final Fantasy VII Remake game screenshot

The next scene of the original game showed us a conversation between Cloud Strife, Biggs, Jessie. The text of the conversation was changed completely to sound more natural, while the meaning remained the same. Now the scene looks a lot more cinematic. The bad thing is that you can’t change Cloud Strife’s first name anymore. In the 1997 game, Jessie can’t remember his name, so you’re offered to enter it on your own. It’s quite clear that the option was removed to avoid voicing difficulties, but it’s still a bit of a shame. 

The part when Strife doesn’t want to know the names of other team members was enriched with high-quality actors play and additional dramatic lines. Now Wallace (who interrupts the talk) looks more ominous and emphasizes his mistrust to the protagonist with new lines that sound much more serious than “I don’t trust ya!” Unlike the original game, in the next scene, Barret doesn’t teach you how to speed up while running, and you just have to keep up the pace to reach the elevator. 

The Bombing Mission

Here comes the sweetest part. The final of the Bombing Mission! First, Barret tells Cloud to install the bomb on the reactor. Similarly to the original game, Cloud feels strange when he comes closer to the core. That prevents him from setting the timer for a good reason. Developers changed this scene just a tiny bit to show how much Barret doesn’t trust Cloud. He wants to shoot the blond fighter for not setting the timer and right at the moment the huge robot attacks from above. 

The machine looks even better than your fantasy could picture it back in 1997. It has the same weaponry and the electronic score that’s weak against magic. That’s why Cloud decides to destroy it with lightning magic. The entire scene is true to the roots but looks much more impressive. Besides, Square Enix split up the battle into 2 scenes and added power shields to the robot to make it less vulnerable. 

What is more, they added a brand new cut scene after you take the machine down. In the original FF VII, the robot just disappears, Cloud activates the timer, and everyone runs away. Now it’s not that easy! 

The boss suddenly wakes up in flames and loads the rest of the energy into the plasma rifle on its tail to kill the heroes. Instead, it starts curring everything around uncontrollably, and the beam explodes apart of the reactor core. However, the bomb remains on its place and activates itself. The team decides that everything is done, but notices the timer and tries to escape the reactor. 

In the original mission, the timer is set on 10 minutes, while in the new game, you can choose between 10 and 20 minutes. The victorious retreat became a bit more difficult, though. You have to fight various enemies on your way, open some crates with loot. Finally, you will escape to the city, which is even more impressive than the refreshed mission!

Welcome to Midgar 

The map of Midgar, that’s what really changed dramatically! The entire city is now open for traversing, letting you explore every corner. According to rumors, it will also be full of exciting side quests and even random encounters. As you can already see, it will be a good old game with plenty of brand new mechanics and, of course, awesome visuals.

The Elevator Scene & Roboguards

This one’s good enough to be featured in an Oscar-winning blockbuster. In the scene, Barret has a short but incredibly expressive monologue about the situation on his dying planet. Instead of saying that he doesn’t care, Cloud decides to incite Barett in quite a rude manner, saying that he needs help to deal with mental problems. That adds some pepper to the plot and makes you wait for the next twist, sitting on the edge of your seat. The dialogue is interrupted by robot guards, and you have to eliminate them playing for Barret. 

Next, the huge heavy weapon platform gets on the way of the 2 warriors, and controls switch to Cloud again. In the old game, you just have to hit the huge robot turn by turn. In the remake, you can fight in a free manner and try different tactics. Barret sounds so positive about the fight, while Cloud appears to be much more rational and uses magic to stop the machine for a while and deal with critical damage. After that, you can switch to Barret (like in the original) and finish the thing. The whole thing stays true to its origins and adds up plenty of pertinent details. 

Coming Soon

At last, Square Enix revealed the release date of the legendary Final Fantasy VII game remake! The game will be available exclusively for PS4 owners on April 10. However, the publisher promises to release the game for other platforms as well in a year or so. It means that you’ll be able to get it for the next generation of consoles, including PS5 and Xbox Series X. Are you waiting for the remake as much as we do? Tell about your expectations in the comments section below and don’t hesitate to share this comparison review with other fans of the Final Fantasy series. And keep coming back to catch on the updates.