NBA 2K20 Pays Tribute To Kobe Bryant

Becca Obregon


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It came as a most tragic surprise to learn that Kobe Bryant passed away unexpectedly on January 26. As iconic as he had been for the sports in general, he became a videogame icon in particular. Among others, it was the team developing and supporting NBA 2K series, along with the fans.

The update released as soon as it could be completed pays tribute to Kobe Bryant. He appears on the updated splash screen, with the words of acknowledgment from the team and the fans. It’s just the first act of the long tribute planned to commemorate the Laker. A separate statement was published on the official Twitter channel by NBA 2K20. As an acknowledgment of this, players of the game imitate him when playing online, appearing in Lakers' attire. The movement still goes on, with even more fans paying their own tributes.

The Black Mamba has always been important for the franchise. He appeared in the game since the first installments and has never been ignored; in addition, Kobe Bryant was its cover face for the last time in NBA 2K17 Legend/Legend Gold Editions. As sad and prophetic as it sounds, in 2016, 2K sports promised to “keep the Black Mamba’s legend alive forever.”