Nintendo Going Strong on Mobile Games, Earning $1 Billion On Them

Becca Obregon


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Nintendo has always been looking like a hermetic world, publishing exclusive games on branded consoles, with little leaking out. Still, the Japanese giant was successful enough to make $1 billion on mobile gaming as for today. Players gladly spend their money on an easy way to touch Nintendo.

The highest-grossing mobile game turned out to be Fire Emblem Heroes; its share in the revenue is $656M, making 61% of the total. It’s followed by Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (the only installment in the series for Nintendo devices) and Dragalia Lost, responsible for 12% and 11%.

Nintendo can afford its own pricing model when it comes to their exclusive games on Switch. But when it comes to mobile gaming, following trends is the way. Most mobile games by Nintendo are free-to-play, with extra content available via microtransactions. Super Mario Run ($9.99) is an exception, and, being the most downloaded title by Nintendo, it only generated 7% of the revenue. On the contrary, the initially free Fire Emblem Heroes made about $41 per download. The subscription model (like in AC:PC or Mario Kart Tour) was also less successful. But in 2020 Nintendo will probably try other monetization models, along with microtransactions that brought it such a huge income.