The Division 2 Offline For Maintenance

Becca Obregon


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If you played The Division 2 on March 2 you might have faced annoying bugs that made it impossible to talk to Community Leaders. They are scattered around New York safehouses and serve as a starting point or an important step in investigations. The bug made it temporarily impossible to interact with community leaders and to progress the story.

In some cases, the problem coukd be solved by logging in and out or even restarting while most players got stuck in the middle of the game without any opportunity to move on. Later that day, Ubisoft explained that there was a problem on the server-side that caused the bug. 

If you couldn’t log in during the day, that was because of the unscheduled maintenance that required servers to be offline for several hours. According to Ubisoft, the servers should be on again 11:30 AM UK, 3:30 AM PT, and 6:30 AM ET. Did you try to play the game after the procedure? Does everything run ok? If you are still facing any problems, tell us about it in the comments, and don’t forget to contact Ubisoft to get help. It would help if you also shared the news with other The Division 2 players to stop their panic.